Which Crypto every Investor should have and why?

Every investor must have this crypto in their portfolio and it's the best performing asset

over two years, over three years, over five years, over 10 years, and over the life

of all 14 years and you have to have some exposure in the portfolio. 

That must-have crypto is bitcoin. Bitcoin is the best-performing asset over years

It is extremely volatile but why is it so volatile? Volatility is in your enemy.

It is just an indication of uncertainty & disagreement over future prospects.

A lot of people who are maybe less educated about what bitcoin when they see

the price volatility, they run away. I think what we are seeing now is we are in crip

the winter. I believe that ended in the middle of June. We are in crypto spring.

That will be a volatile period with an upward bias in we will go back to another 

crypto summer when the retail traders will flood in and buy at higher prices. 

if you had just put 1% and a portfolio, you would have outperformed the 60-40

over the last five years biting 250 basis points. People are afraid of volatility.

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