TORNADO cash Crackdown by US Treasury: What’s going on?

Tornado cash Ethereum mixing protocol has been sanctioned by ofac a department within the us treasury


Now, this has created a whirlwind in the crypto community It’s important to understand exactly what’s going on

Tornado Cash is an Ethereum mixing protocol or Tumblr that allows users to anonymize or mix their eth

It’s been used to launder hundreds of millions in stolen crypto and has been the go-to tool of north Korea’s Lazarus hacking group

It’s illegal for any u.s person to engage in business with these sanctioned entities

To engage in quote trade economic transactions or other dealings with any person company or country on the sdn list and

Any u.s person defined as a city resident or company in the us found to be doing business with a sanctioned entity could see them facing serious consequences.

However, now that tornado cash has been sanctioned it’s important to understand the legal implications that could come from using it

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