Top 6 crypto coins with massive potential

Top 6 crypto coins which we think can be huge and they 

have massive potential to grow AVAX, LINK, GALA,

AXS and MINA. And the avalanche (avax) is on no one why

because their ecosystem can't be ignored.

The link is on number two Several indicators suggest 

The link could soon face a correction. So ignore it for short 

Term but for the long term, it's a hidden gem.

The third one is Gala and Gala's films will allow you to earn

By watching videos. The fourth one is Axie Infinity it has

great potential as it launches its new game mode called 

axie infinity origin. The fifth one is BNB, Binance CEO CZ

axie infinity origin. The fifth one is BNB, Binance is one of 

the world's largest exchange and it will grow more in coming

years so ultimately its token will hit new highs. Last is MINA

In the top 10 GitHub commits mina with 2,720 Github 

commits is the on the top and its building Privacy and security layer for web 3.

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