Ethereum Pump: When should you sell?

When is the Ethereum pump going to stop because it’s gained

50% on bitcoin in the last month and it doesn’t show too many signs of slowing?

When is it going to slow my guess is early September? around labor day weekend.

I think September could be a pretty hard crash for Ethereum because

people will actually sell the Ethereum merge news also September is supposed to be

a bearish month, that’s why I think selling towards the beginning of September is a really good idea.

Now, why is September a bearish month that’s more of a psychological thing

than anything else there’s no real reason why September should be bearish.

The stock market wise it’s historically bearish and people just have this feeling

that September is a selling month. If there are really big developments & the

the inflation numbers are positive I don’t think it’ll be such a big sell month. 

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