Editor’s ChoiceWARNING! Coinbase Shut Down their Affiliate Program

WARNING! Coinbase Shut Down their Affiliate Program

Coinbase apparently is about to shut down their affiliate marketing program effective July 19th and they’re citing market conditions. Now guys this is a red flag and I’m gonna explain why Coinbase shut down their affiliate program. I will give you some facts and what is happening in context with other things that coin base has been doing.

We know we are in a bear market we’re seeing bankruptcies in celsius. We know the whole three arrows capital debacle and much more. However, coin base recently has been shutting things down. So they’re shutting down their affiliate program but remember they also did some layoffs in June. That they were going to lay off 1100 people. Then they uh in June also announced they were going to shut down Coinbase pro.

In addition, their NFT platform launch has been a disaster. They have not been able to get the traction that they were expecting. So why is this Coinbase affiliate news a red flag?

Well, in affiliate marketing you’re only paying out based on quality users that join the site and execute a trade. So if you read through the Coinbase affiliate program it’s essential you refer people to the site. Once they complete a transaction and that is they buy some bitcoin or other crypto the Coinase affiliate gets a cut of that commission. 

So you’re not putting out the money in a way of like doing paid search or paid ads. The affiliates do the work and you only pay out based on quality users who actually complete a transaction. So if they’re shutting this off this is very alarming. Usually, these affiliate platforms or affiliate channel marketing channels are usually the last to be cut. Because you’re not paying anything out unless you get to know some sort of revenue in the door first.

So, Nate O’Brien tweeted out the following Coinbase just shut down their entire affiliate program. This is a major red flag I fear that a liquidity crisis is on the horizon. He said yes this could simply be a result of cost-cutting efforts. But they aren’t willing to even pay five dollars for a new user. It’s strange to completely shut down the Coinbase affiliate program. What’s their LTV that stands for the lifetime value of a user. So once again guys very alarming and as he cited here could there be a liquidity crisis. 

You know could have uh Coinbase kind of gotten over their skis and did not manage their books well and now they’re scrambling. Because if once again the affiliate program is just it’s so minimal and the fact that they’re cutting it is alarming. 

Now bit boy ben Armstrong said the following Coinbase shut down their affiliate program and is getting rid of Coinbase pro. Recent history would suggest there could be trouble ahead for Coinbase so thread lightly. If Coinbase were to go insolvent this would break the crypto. He says that the crypto space is like we have never seen before. Honestly, I think the chances of a complete shutdown of the affiliate program are pretty low. But we can’t rule anything out after what we’ve seen in the past few months. 

I absolutely agree with ben here am I saying Coinbase is going to go bankrupt and shut their doors and be gone no. But is there a probability of that happening or some sort of uh you know liquidation or liquidity crisis with them sure? 

So what does that mean well I think we have to be cautious here and if you want to remove any crypto you have on Coinbase put it on the hardware wallet. Now I don’t have I have the majority of my holdings in crypto on a hardware wallet. Do I have some funds on Coinbase yes because I do some swing trading? So I think this is a red flag and you guys should know about it. Coinbase is one of the most popular exchanges in the united states. A lot of people use Coinbase so we have to be careful here.

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 I don’t know what’s happening many companies sometimes can cut their affiliate commissions but not shut the entire program down. That is very weird you know they may say hey we’re gonna reduce our percentage of the commissions down. What are they worried about what’s happening here? This is a publicly traded company and as you know ben Armstrong said that the implications of a Coinbase collapse could be detrimental to the crypto market.


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