Editor’s ChoiceVladimir Putin: US DOLLAR Rule IS OVER

Vladimir Putin: US DOLLAR Rule IS OVER

Vladimir Putin views about US dollar. One of the key steps to being an independent thinker is constantly seeking out opinions that differ from yours. One of those opinions has been coming from Vladimir Putin. He continues to talk in multiple settings meetings and speeches about the fact that we are headed toward a multi-polar world. His general thesis is that when Russia invaded Ukraine and the United States and the rest of nato decided to levy historic sanctions against Russia. He says the US dollar regime is over.

It created a brand new world regime that people all around the world have to ask themselves. Am I willing to trust the US dollar and continue to put my faith in the United States to be my friend? Regardless of what you think about Vladimir Putin or any of his actions I personally don’t agree with him. Well, It’s really important to understand how he is thinking.

Vladimir Putin views about US dollar. He says “the west should have realized they have lost from the beginning of our special military operation in Ukraine. Because its commencement also meant the start of a fundamental breakdown of the American world order. This is the beginning of the transition from liberal-globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world. A world not based on selfish rules invented for no other reason than the pursuit of hegemony. Nor on hypocritical double standards, but on the basis of international law and the genius sovereignty of people and civilizations on their will to live their historical density with their values and build corporations on the basis of democracy, justice, and equality. It must be understood that this process is already impossible to stop”.

Vladimir Putin views about US dollar. Whenever you hear a world leader talk about the end of the liberal world order or you see someone saying the world is changing and essentially calling checkmate. It’s worth understanding how they’re thinking why they think that is the case and what that would mean to the changing landscape in the united states.

I have no clue what the future holds but what I do know is that the financial sanctions have caused a lot of conversation. We’ve seen country after country reacts differently to them. 

Ultimately the united states and its leaders I believe are acting in good faith and they continue to try to do what they think is best. 

But understanding every single side of the evaluation end of the argument is important it’s essential to being an independent thinker whether you agree or disagree with Vladimir Putin. 

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His talk track is somehow different than what United States people are thinking. Whether you agree or disagree that the United States will hold on to the global reserve status with the US dollar. Ultimately we have to be prepared for any scenario. We have to understand what those words could look like and then we have to do everything we can to work towards a better future for ourselves our neighbors and our children.


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