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Vechain sponsors fashion forum

Vechain foundation they’re going to sponsor the 2022 Venice fashion forum alongside key channel partner DMV. Dnvgl has always been a key partner for Vchain.

They’ve actually gotten Vechain many of their partnerships and this Venice fashion forum is going to be a lot about sustainability which Vechain is definitely getting into. So the international summit unites top institutions brands stakeholders and opinion leaders drivers of the sustainability revolution and fashion supply chains.

So obviously they’re going to use v-chain to track these fashion supply chains and they’re going to concentrate on sustainability. It is becoming a bigger and bigger thing like sustainable fashion, and sustainable clothes.

I think at least some of the more conscientious people want the more sustainability factor just I don’t know if they want to flex or they want to say they’re like you know environmentally conscious or something might just be a reputation thing, but in the end, they actually want to be environmentally conscious and they need something to track that and Vechain could be the technology used to actually track that.

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As you know just fashion transition premiere fashion forum you have like Vchain you have got to group you have DB groups d and VGL a bunch of other companies down here so pretty cool maybe Vechain can get some new clients.


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