OpinionVC money is coming into Bitcoin mining: Alyse Killeen

VC money is coming into Bitcoin mining: Alyse Killeen

When you start to think about mining there seems to be a ton of conversation around the mining death spiral. As there always are in bear markets miners selling their bitcoin that are publicly traded. How much of your focus is on what I’ll call it more institutionalized or kind of commercial mining versus the individual just buying like a single machine and kind of plugging in at their house or something like that.

VC money is coming into Bitcoin mining: So of course we’re working as a generalist fund in the bitcoin space. We invest across the board. Some of the pain points for minors are similar for companies of all types. We’re seeing one now which is the effectiveness of treasury management and planning finances and planning for various scenarios and treasury management. So miners of course have been primarily funded by debt and as a result of the debt markets drying up we see miners needing to sell into a down market selling BTC.

VC money is coming into Bitcoin mining: This isn’t something new right we’ve seen this in prior cycles and so it’s just something that we need to get through. Of course, it also when companies have financial pressures it opens up new opportunity spaces.  So we’re looking to see if there’ll be acquisition activity. If there’ll be opportunities for new entrepreneurs to come in and to do things more efficiently or effectively or to serve clients. Whether those be enterprise or institutional grade clients or retail folks better. So that’s sort of you know where it’s early right we’re kind of we’re sort of early into this more like chaotic dynamic in the mining space controlled chaos. So we’re just looking to see how that shakes out and if there are opportunities for innovation there.

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