BlogTop 6 crypto coins with massive potential

Top 6 crypto coins with massive potential

Top 6 crypto coins which we think can be huge and they have massive potential to grow AVAX, LINK, GALA, AXS, MINA

Avalanche (AVAX)

In the list of top 6 crypto coins avalanche is on no one. It’s kind of a tie between an avalanche and an avalanche project. Are you familiar with play to earn coins defy kingdom? Well, d5 kingdom it is described as cross chain gaming decentralized exchange farming playable NFTs Juul is their coin.

The d5 kingdom subnets’ daily transactions have surpassed 1 million. The d5  kingdom is avalanche’s first subnet launched on march 30th 2022. The number of daily transactions it processes is already higher than that of some layer one blockchains, and it recently passed the million transaction mark.

So we’re going to give it up to alay to earn makes our list today play to earned coin defy kingdom and also separately avalanche. L1 avalanche makes our list today too because their ecosystem cannot be ignored at this point.

Chain Link (LINK)

In the list of top 6 crypto coins, second coin is chain link. You can avoid it in short term. Chain link approaches a significant supply wall. So chain link gained over 50 cents in Friday’s trading session as bullish pressure rises link could gain enough momentum to advance to ten dollars nonetheless several indicators suggest that link could soon face a correction. So in the short term be looking for a correction with a link, of course, could get to ten dollars and I do think there’s reason to be bullish in the long term but in the short term maybe avoid chain link.


In the list of top 6 crypto coins, the third coin is Gala, Stick Figure Productions is dispersing Four Down on the blockchain along with Gala. I’ll explain this by mentioning film in addition to the platforms for successful music and gaming. Gala is also able to provide an open ecosystem where fans can gain access to cross-platform content. Gala The launch of the gala film, a new vertical from the top web3 company in the world, has been announced by one of the pioneers in blockchain gaming and music. This move continues the brand’s commitment to giving fans exceptional opportunities to enhance their experiences along with amazing programming and exciting projects.

Gala films let you watch and make money. In addition to this announcement, Stick Figure Productions, an Oscar nominee and multiple award winner, will collaborate with Gala Films to present Four Down. A feature-length documentary by renowned filmmakers Stephen Cantor is based on Nick’s best-selling book from the New York Times, “Not Without Hope.” The main advantage of the Gala film, according to these two gentlemen, is its capacity to provide a watch-and-earn mechanic via the same blockchain technology that supports Gala’s music. With the help of nodes and NFTs, the Listen and Earn ecosystem offers fans the chance to receive rewards. By casting or voting on scripts, moviegoers can now actively participate in the media they consume, take ownership of their entertainment, and support new productions.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

In the list of top 6 crypto coins, the next coin is axie infinity, axie infinity cuts rewards from their classic game subtly forcing pPlatoand players to their new mode. The team claims that the action is a part of its efforts to maintain economic equilibrium for the smooth love potion token.

The blockchain-based multiplayer online game Axie Infinity has completely removed the token rewards from its original game mode itoentice players to switch to the new game mode named axie Infinity Origin.T he smooth love potions tokens for the game’s classic mode will stop being created on Friday, according to the axie infinity team. The team said that sSLPrewards will be moved to their new game mode and minting will be postponed for 30 days while they conduct a monitoring phase to look for bugs, abuses, and exploits.

The development team also asserted that switching from the old to the new game mode would increase the usefulness of sSLPby allowing players to create runes and charms in the new mode, which would help balance the economy of the smooth love potion. An axie infinity sis till a blue chip is still on our radar I’ll see how their changes and upgrades affect the ecosystem.

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Binance (BNB)

In the list of top 6 crypto coins, the next coin is binance doing the crypto community good in this case. Binance recovers almost half a million stolen in the curb fishing attack. The front-end attack on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange curve on Tuesday resulted in the theft of nearly half a million dollars worth of crypto assets, which Binance has now seized.

The fixed float of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance also seized about 112 Ethereum, which is now valued at about 200,000, bringing the overall asset recovery to 100%. The CEO and founder of Binance, CZ, stated that the exchange is collaborating with law enforcement to return the victims’ money.


In the list of top 6 crypto coins, The final coin is Mina. Top 10 GitHub commits in the past six months what protocols what teams are actually adding commits to their code and presumably making the project better.

Well the coin is mina with 2,720 Github commits is the highest in the last six months, of course, honorable mentions go to icp, Solana, sushi swap there’s bitcoin and then there are some coins that I don’t know are these really in the conversation. Anyways mina makes our list.

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