Editor’s ChoiceNorth Korean hackers were identified as a suspect in $100M Harmony attack

North Korean hackers were identified as a suspect in $100M Harmony attack

Latest reports show that North Korean hackers may be behind the $100 million Harmony attack.

A well-known North Korean hacker named Lazarus Group was identified as a primary suspect behind a $100 million hack from the Harmony protocol that happened in the last weak when Harmony loses $100M in Bridge Hack.

Blockchain firm Elliptic published a report on Thursday that shows the way Harmony’s bridge got hacked and the manner in which the stolen digital assets and laundered was similar to Lazarus’ previous attacks.

Elliptic define exactly how they have done thievery. The report shows that Lazarus hackers targeted the login details of Harmony employees in the Asian region to violate the Harmony security system.

After the takeover of the Harmony, protocol hackers deployed automatic programs that help them to move the stolen assets.

Elliptic also describes that the hackers who stoles Harmony assets had already transferred over 42% of the total stolen assets which was $100M to Torando Mixer which is an Ethereum-based service that actually obscures transnational data and makes it almost impossible for the investigation authorities to trace the movement of their assets.

Initially, Harmony officials offered around $1M bounty to the hackers to return the stolen funds, and then on June 29 they increase the bounty to $10 million and claimed to return complete stolen funds and they will end the investigations.

A recent report shows that North Korea has deployed over 7,000 plus hackers to raise funds through different crypto cyberattacks. North Korean hackers are always known for cryptocurrency-related hacks. The report shows that till now they have stolen over $1.60 Billion worth of funds.

Harmony’s Horizon bridge is the latest hack they had also attacked Meter, Wormhole, and Ronin and the total amount of bridge-related hacks is over $1 billion in 2022. In 2021 they hacked the Poly Network which was around $609 million.

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