OpinionNFT market about to Explode after Instagram Rolling Out NFTs Globally

NFT market about to Explode after Instagram Rolling Out NFTs Globally

As Instagram has integrated NFTs there may be an NFT boom across Facebook and other meta platforms and it’s rolling out across 100 countries. There definitely might be an NFT boom after Instagram NFT that is actually coming because we know how popular Instagram is.

NFT’s expensive ones might be the way to do it like people like to flex oh I got a three thousand dollar NFT as my avatar. I’m an idiot that I paid three thousand dollars for this but I’m a rich idiot that might actually happen. After integrating with Coinbase wallet and Dapper Labs, social media giant Meta has begun to roll out NFTs across a hundred countries. So flow might be on the way up up up.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, confirmed the rollout in a post on Facebook. So obviously for those of you that don’t know been hiding under a rocking Facebook does own Instagram. They still have millions upon millions of users and they’re basically integrating the NFTs across Facebook, so people can flex their thousand-dollar NFTs as profile logos or as posts or something like that.

Instagram NFT is here so users will soon be able to display their NFTs after a successful testing phase of Instagram NFT integration ended in May. The primary purpose of like expensive NFTs at this point I mean sure the land might be like the NFT’s land stuff might actually be usable in a game sometime sooner or later. Primarily at this point super expensive NFTs are essential um used for flexing and that this is like flexing to the maximum to your fans and followers on Instagram, for those of you social media influencers and this could really pump the NFTs market. 

Instagram NFT is gonna rock if a major influence or a popular celebrity influencer has NFTs and they’re flexing like crazy everyone’s going to want to have an NFT. Well I mean not me but you know everyone that actually cares about that stuff, which means mostly teenagers and older people that have nothing to do besides flex NFTs. The meta share price is currently down by 1.07 at 167. Coinbase jumped over 30 percent because it’s meant because it’s actually partnered with BlackRock we’ll talk about that.

The testing is also being done on Facebook, according to Navdeep Singh, product manager at meta, who stated last month that it aims to enable cross-platform hosting using NFTs. This is major Facebook and Instagram is still they’re still some of the most dominant social networks out there that’s why Instagram NFT will be huge. This just gives flexing a whole new meaning you know you can only flex on blockchain before your NFTs but now you can flex on all of the social media about your NFTs.

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I think this will actually uh up the value of NFTs because you can let all your friends see what a doofus you are for buying an ft that’s worth thousands of dollars just so you can have it as your icon. I think this will be really popular in the teenage influencer community and this will have a lot of young kids spending a lot of money buying expensive NFTs.

So the NFT market could in b4 be in for a big revival, yes I’m talking expensive NFTs down but you know spending thousands of dollars on a jpeg was never my thing.


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