Latest NewsMicrostrategy acquired an additional 480 BTC

Microstrategy acquired an additional 480 BTC

Michael Saylor CEO of Microstrategy says they have bought 129,699 BTC at an average price of $30,560.

Enterprise business intelligence firm Microstrategy says that they have added more bitcoins to their portfolio as Microstrategy CEO Michal Saylor is bullish on digital assets despite its recent struggles. Microstrategy CEO express that he added an additional 480 BTC at an average rate of $20,790. So he spends around $10M on it.

As Microstrategy buys bitcoin With the new purchase know Microstrategy holds around 130,190 bitcoins and it’s the largest bitcoin holder firm. Know the worth of their bitcoin holdings is around $4 billion.

Enterprise business intelligence firm Microstrategy is buying bitcoin when everyone is in fear and doing panic selling. They just get the advantage of this bear market. On Wednesday BTC’s price break was $20k which was lower than $10k than the Microstrategy average acquisition price. Currently, Microstrategy is also at a loss of $1.41 billion dollars.

Michael Slayer is still bullish on bitcoin he says is much confident about bitcoin in long term it will make a higher high. This month he told his followers through tweets that his company will HODL in every situation. There is a rumor outside that if BTC’s price fell below $21,210 he says margin call rumor is nothing. Michal Slayer declared their revenue for the first quarter is $120.1 million and gross profit for the quarter was around $94 million dollars.

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