BlogEthereum in 5-10 Years: Michael Saylor Prediction

Ethereum in 5-10 Years: Michael Saylor Prediction

In an interview, Michael Saylor was asked a question Do you think Ethereum and crypto at large will continue to grow and gain usership over the next five to ten years despite your personal thoughts?

Ethereum price prediction 2025,  Ethereum price prediction 2030

Michael Saylor replied The only thing I’m going to advocate is bitcoin. That’s the only thing I advocate. Look I’m not advocating google stock apple stock or amazon stock. I’m not even advocating my own stock.  Like to be clear like I’m an equal opportunity ambiguous analyst with regard to property.

Obviously, am not gonna tell you to buy property in new york city or Moscow, or Los Angeles. Am not gonna advocate a trophy asset or a collectible. I’m not going to advocate or opine on any other crypto. I don’t know how they will end. I’m open-minded to the sense that it’s possible to create things but there are many many different ways to do it.  Right I mean there are a lot of ways to create functionality and there are a lot of models. I think there are a lot of different countries in the world.

Ethereum price prediction 2025,  Ethereum price prediction 2030

Right so different countries and different regulators will have different opinions and different management teams will do different things and stuff will happen. If you want to have an opinion on silver I think you should study silver for 10 000 hours. For someone to have an opinion on Ethereum they should study that for 10 000 hours. You can take their opinion if you like my opinion is clearly the least risky thing and the purest thing that’s come out of the crypto ecosystem is bitcoin. 

The reason I advocate is that it’s the property and not security. I just I’m not going to advise you to invest in a private company.  I’m not going to advise you to invest in any public company. I’m not going to advise you to invest in any of 20 000 other things. I think that those are all individual decisions that people have to make. 

I would willingly grant that maybe the best investment for you is to own a ranch in Kansas.  People do well or own a bunch of lumber right or own an oil well or own a natural gas facility.  There are a lot of businesses that make sense for people. 

If you have proprietary knowledge about it, you have strategic assets and interest in it.  and it fits with your family. Your citizenship and your long-term intent are right. To live wherever you’re going to live then I think you do that thing.

Ethereum price prediction 2025,  Ethereum price prediction 2030

Do you think crypto will continue to grow and gain usership in five to ten years?

Michael Saylor says I think that what’s going to happen is a digital property in the form of bitcoin is going to grow. I think digital currency in the form of the dollar is going to grow I can’t be sure which network but I think that the overall digital currency network will grow. I think that um other digital currencies will grow as well but much less.

So I think that the dollar is the king winner and I think the EURO may be number two and the CNY and then all the rest will be small. I think that ultimately the currency digital currency will eat into fiat currencies. 

The digital property bitcoin will eat into properties. It’ll eat into gold it’ll lead into real estate it’ll demonetize other corporate bonds and stores of value instruments over time. I think that there’ll be a lot of innovation in other areas. 

But again like most of the proof-of-stake networks, they’re all companies. So they’re private companies and if they can come public maybe they’ll be you know the next google or the next something. But the way I think about them is I think of them as technology ventures a la Instagram or Snapchat or something like that. 

Ethereum price prediction 2025,  Ethereum price prediction 2030

You manage your risk accordingly right. I mean do you trust the people doing it do you understand the regulations.  Look they’re most of them are non-compliant right now but uber and Airbnb were non-compliant too. Airbnb was illegal in half the places they operate and uber is so it’s what happens who knows what happens right. People tend to get very sensitive when money is at stake as opposed to other things.

People are sensitive about a lot of stuff so so if you want to invest in technology then you go and invest in technology but just keep your eyes open about what the risks are. I generally think the most important thing though is the regulatory risk.  It’s huge if you’re going to move money around. 

The reason that bitcoin works are because the use case is property. It’s I’m buying a block of money. I’m holding it for a  decade and I’m not moving it around. At the point that you want to move the money a million times an hour and you want to move it to a thousand or 100 000 counterparties. 

You start to cross into other regulatory jurisdictions. Right now you’re dealing with the treasury and the occ and you’re dealing with tax issues. So if you’re going to get into those use cases the ulti the big question that everybody in crypto’s got to ask themselves. 

Why is it that Google hasn’t already done that? Because Google has more money than anyone. Why has amazon not done this and why has citadel not done this and why has Apple not done this? Obviously, Why has a centralized company run in silicon valley not done it?

They all have infinite money they all have infinite programmers. If the answer is because they thought they get shut down by the regulators then you have to figure out how you’re going to deal with that. If the answer is they could do it and the question is do you need a token or not.  The challenge is with finding anything with a token. 

Ethereum price prediction 2025,  Ethereum price prediction 2030

Are a token looks like equity? If there’s a management team it’s giving the token to itself or it’s selling the token to an investor. Its equity and equity is security and securities could be sold pursuant to full and fair disclosure and there are always a bunch of laws around them.
So that’s the thing you’ve got to ask yourself. If you’re actually ducking all those rules then you’ve got no competition. 

The reason you have no competition is that it’s illegal and unethical right. So you got to make sure that you work out the law and work out the ethics.

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If you’re an entrepreneur in the crypto world. After that, if you’re an investor you just got to have a very str very very thoughtful opinion about what is this thing I’m investing in and how is all this going to work itself out right. Now it’s just a very murky world.


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