OpinionEthereum Merge gaining institutional support

Ethereum Merge gaining institutional support

Institutional investors flocking to Ethereum for seven straight weeks. This is definitely surrounding the Ethereum merge they say it’s great greater clarity but the question is do institutions buy the rumor and sell the news?

We know that retailers do but do institutions because if institutions do not and they’re just flocking to Ethereum because of the merge. Ethereum could actually be in for some really big long-term gains. Obviously, if they are buying the rubric and selling the news will have a very very big drop.

Therefore, inflows totaled $16.3 million last week and $159 million over the previous seven weeks. So that’s actually what’s been driving Ethereum’s price up, and some people have said that they think the change in investor sentiment is a result of more information about when Ethereum will switch from proof of work to proof of stake.

Ethereum mainnet and Ethereum 2.0 will combine during the Ethereum merge beacon chain and traders are obviously gearing up. They’re buying right now that like retail investors are definitely buying right now and they will probably sell later. Derivatives traders are betting on Ethereum in a clear direction in relation to the upcoming plan merge on September 19th.

I believe it will actually drop but how much will it drop is the question. If institutions are going to sell the news as well it’s going to drop a whole lot, but if only retail investors are going to sell and institutions are going to hold it will definitely stay above a thousand so we will actually see that.

I bet on the futures market a lot of people are going to shortly after the merge as well and a lot of people are going to spot sell after the merge.

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The Ethereum merge will definitely affect Ethereum’s price positively but because it doesn’t actually solve the Ethereum scaling problem it is definitely going to be a big pullback. The question I don’t really know is whether are institutions going to pull back or are only retail investors going to pull back and I think that’s a very important question because that could actually depend on whether you want to hold the theorem or at least temporarily sell it.


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