Hot StoriesCrypto is a pure money-making machine: Kevin O'Leary 

Crypto is a pure money-making machine: Kevin O’Leary 

When do you think crypto will see its largest pump we all have heard bold and absurd claims such as bitcoin to a million dollars or Ethereum to half a million dollars. To some, these are nothing but speculations. Mr. Kevin O’Leary argues today.

Crypto is about to see its largest pump as soon policy bills are passed and it’s only a matter of a few months now. Hence as Mr. Kevin O’Leary sees it crypto is a pure money-making machine and it’s best if you get in on it before the mass population does. 

He compares the early stages of the internet with cryptocurrency. It took the internet almost 20 to 30 years to become useful and be adopted by the wider population. Compare this to crypto which is only 10 to 12 years old. Hence there is a lot of upward potential that we are yet to see.

The point is as an investor do you want to be ahead of this or behind it. Because I think what happens is you get a binary increase in crypto value the minute people even sense policy. So I want to be positioned before then you don’t have to. But I think it’s the way to go in terms of being early and niacin. 

It’s like to involve in the internet in its very early days. The same thing happens here for the long term I say it’s a great investment but obviously, volatility is really tough you see it’s 50% up and then suddenly 50% down similarly that was amazon12 15 years ago now it’s bitcoin today.

In one word education is the most misunderstood sector of the economy that’s ever existed because of the complexity of how it works. Basically, policymakers do not understand it, and when you don’t understand something you tend to mistrust it. 

It requires education it’s taken me years and a lot of hours of reading and a tremendous amount of travel to get to the place where I’m comfortable making these investments now and understand how this works.

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