BlogCosmos (Atom)  interchange Security is coming soon

Cosmos (Atom)  interchange Security is coming soon

Changes at Cosmos core developers confirm that interchange Security is coming soon while the CEO behind the company that created the crypto project steps down what’s next for Atom.

Cosmo’s whole ecosystem is known for its unparalleled interoperability. Interchange security is an extremely important feature that Cosmo’s Atom will be getting in a few months’ time as per a document by cosmo’s core Developers.

Interchange Security will make it possible for other cosmos-based blockchains to Leverage the Cosmos-blockchain for security. This is important because Cosmos-based blockchains use proof of stake as their consensus mechanism. 

As we enter a crypto bear Market it will become easier for a bad actor to come in and buy up the stake. They need to corrupt smaller cosmos-based blockchains. Which is obviously not ideal. The risk of corruption is especially great among many cosmos-based blockchains that feature decentralized exchanges such as osmosis. Because of the total value of the other coins and tokens, they hold in their protocols. As pointed out by the block once cosmo’s Atom interchange security is introduced.

Cosmo’s interchange security will make the project even more similar to the polka dot. Cosmo’s was using different exclusive open-source tools to facilitate the consistency between the blockchains in its own network.

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