BlogCardano Vasil Hard Fork Delayed again? ADA price Prediction

Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Delayed again? ADA price Prediction

We like Cardano but it does look a little bit like Vasil is going to be delayed again not from the end of July but probably sometime in august from all indications. ADA price prediction now we would love for Charles ioh and Cardano to come on later this week and prove us wrong and get the Vasil thing out. But they’ve been very very quiet leading up to this and there are only two more days.

Now we think if they don’t launch by Friday it’s very unlikely they lunch over the weekend because usually like things don’t launch over Saturday and Sunday. So our guess is sometime in august looking at like some of the reports, some of the like Reddit stuff it does seem like the developers of the apps want some extra time with Vasil. 

ADA price prediction: Also, we have heard they have a couple of troublesome bugs that they actually need to work out. We’re gonna push it back to mid-late august from July like I said we would love it if they proved us wrong and released it this month, but right now it doesn’t seem likely.

So what does this mean for the price I don’t think it’s a good time to buy Cardano right now because I think people were expecting the end of July. Because it was originally supposed to be June 29th but then like you know they wanted to give a month for the exchanges to actually test it. I really believed it was going to be the end of July because one of their developers actually did come out and said it wasn’t going to be delayed, but at this point given the fact that they actually haven’t said anything and it’s two days until the supposed release

I don’t really think that it’s going to happen so the thing is I would love for it to happen but right now I think we’re going into a dump. Now I do think it’s probably going to go down for a couple of days so maybe by the end of the first week of august that’s when you actually should pick up some Cardano ADA. ADA price Prediction, At that point, I do think that people have dumped it a lot and then like there’ll be some excitement for the upcoming release. Whenever it actually happens so what I would really be looking at is around the 35-cent mark by the end of the first week of august if that happens.

I don’t really believe that I mean unless bitcoin goes like it just blows up and I would actually sell in the bitcoin if I were you I wouldn’t actually sell into USDC or USDT. because It is based on the numbers tomorrow I think people have braced for it. So it might go down a little bit more but probably not that much more as is my guess even when the numbers come out tomorrow. The Cardano ratio with bitcoin probably will go down mostly because that Vasil is late again. 

ADA price prediction: After a couple of weeks, they’ll get excited again for whatever date it actually appears. Some people have said as late as early October but I do actually believe it’s probably going to be sometime in august but I do think there is an 85 to 90% chance that it does not come out by Friday basically. It could come out in a week two weeks three weeks I’m not really sure but I do think you’ll have a chance to buy Cardano at cheaper probably in the 35-cent range in early august and stay tuned for ADA price prediction.

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