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Cardano partnered with Pay Plug-in to enable 7 million businesses to accept ADA

Cardona can now be accepted for payment at over 7 million businesses through the new ADA pay plug-in. This is big I hold ADA in my portfolio and this is part of adoption. People are going to hold these tokens and they can eventually use them and spend them in certain ways as the valuations go up. 

So huge news let me give you some details here uh Cardano can now be used at seven million businesses. Thanks to the ADA pay plug-in Cody a blockchain fintech firm shared the new update in one of their recent tweets.

The new plug-in has uh or was developed as part of a new catalyst project by Cody. The ADA pay plug-in was developed on udu on-demand open object. It’s focusing on mid-size merchants and businesses odoo. It consists of enterprises ranging from small-scale startups to even large ones. 

So this is a piece of big adoption news here. It’s great to see these on and off ramps being built for businesses so they can accept crypto. People are gonna be able to transact with it. I know some folks are gonna you know be a bit skeptical and say. If I’m gonna use my crypto to buy and sell things. 

Well maybe not right now right and certainly, there are people who do. So don’t get me wrong there are people who use XRP, ADA, Bitcoin whatever it is.  We haven’t hit that full mainstream adoption where a lot of people are transacting with these coins but they will eventually.

Especially as the valuations go up. You’ll be using decimal points right point zero three ADA tokens right for paying for things as the values go up. So that’s what you got to think and how this economy is going to grow. More people are going to adopt the tokens and businesses are going to accept them. So this is very bullish for ADA.


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