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Bitcoin expert price prediction :>  What happens next for bitcoin? What price will the ultimate bottom for bitcoin be in this bear cycle and realistically how long is how much time until we see bitcoin break above all-time highs.

Before we talk about the ultimate bottom price for bitcoin, however. Before we talk about when bitcoin breaks all-time highs. Again it’s very important to me to be realistic with you. We would all like bitcoin to hit its ultimate bottom tomorrow. We would all like bitcoin to break above its all-time highs next week.

What happens NEXT with Bitcoin? (Realistically)

Bitcoin expert price prediction :> But realistically what’s most likely to happen next? What do you think? See I like how bitcoin expert Melthem Demirors (Mel D) of coin shares answers this question. She’s a star in the cryptocurrency space as the chief strategy officer. At coin shares and they ask her what happens next with bitcoin. Can we break out of this cryptocurrency winter soon? I think her answer is spot on, Melthem Demirors (Mel D) replied that for us at coin shares the view is we’re going to stay where we are for a while. There is no upside in the near term. 

We will see bitcoin in recession. Now, most analyst says that we are in a recession. Yet no one is confident about it. In the US there is a spike in rates. So expect more pain in crypto & tech stocks as well. I don’t know what traders are doing like there are a lot of liquidations in markets that impact the markets.

She says bitcoin will continue ranging in the short to mid-term. Because there are no major catalysts in the short to mid-term plus the recession plus the general macro backdrop. I tend to agree with this. At the same time, I do think there’s an opportunity to be in bitcoin being in crypto at this time particularly investing your time learning and understanding the space.

The big question however is what’s your best guess on bitcoin’s eventual bottom. Has it happened already? What is the lowest it could go and when will bitcoin break above its all-time highs again that’s the big question.

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Lowest Bitcoin Could Go? When Will It Break Above ATHs?

Bitcoin expert price prediction :> What do you think the downside is at this point. Let’s actually think about it like this before it just felt like for a lot of people a runaway train. People wanted to get on that train before it ran away. It ran away briefly and then came back to earth. What do you see over let’s just say the next call at 24 months?  People are saying maybe it goes from twenty thousand over the next four or five years to forty thousand. Is it still half a million dollars or a million dollars a coin on bitcoin. What’s your opinion about downside risk.

Melthem Demirors (Mel D) of coin shares answers this question that I think that’s absolutely the right framing for long-term investors. Which is what we’re focused on. Look bitcoin is and has always been a secular trade. It’s a very cyclical asset. 

It goes through these cycles of ups and downs highs and lows. Historically drawdown from peak to trough has been 80 to 90% in bitcoin. Right now we are sitting at almost 65% down from our all-time high.

Bitcoin expert price prediction >: Melthem Demirors (Mel D) says there is still room for some downward correction. We don’t see Bitcoin below 14k and we see bitcoin having strong support at 20k. But again we’re looking at this I think in the next 24 months. We will see new all-time highs in bitcoin. Now there is also a list of crypto assets. Now let’s get that Solana ticker up there.

They’re merging crypto assets like ether and Solana. That has differentiated and no longer has a beta of one to bitcoin. Then there’s a very long-tail crypto asset that I think will go to zero. That don’t really have any long-term prospect as we’ve seen with so many tech stocks as well.

So she says 14k has a lot of strong support. She also says 20k has a lot of strong support and she says realistically it will happen in her opinion in two years bitcoin breaks above all-time highs.

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Maybe bitcoin may have already bottomed. We won’t know that until time passes and there’s a chance that the bottom is lower than 14k. We won’t know that until time passes. However in my opinion the more time that passes the better it will be. Because the genies out of the bottle bitcoin has a network crypto as an industry is only  getting stronger and people are starting to realize this.


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