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Amazon.eth ENS domain owner rejected $1M offer on Opensea

The ENS domain Amazon.eth got an offer for 1 million USDC from an unknown wallet address on the OpenSea marketplace. This offer was 10x the amount from last time. The proposal to purchase the ENS area went unanswered so no exchange occurred. The last offer of the domain was rejected or not answered and its name was five months prior for 33 Ether.

It’s not clear till now whether weather the one who owns that domain was not informed of that offer or did not pay attention to it and didn’t consider it to be a fair value or to boost the price of a domain on amazon.eth the bidding was done by a domain amazon.eth owner. Open sea data shows that other bid offer for that ENS domain stands around $6,210 USDC. So the owner of amazon.eth is anonymous OpenSea user 4761BF and this domain name is officially verified by ENS.

ENS is a blockchain naming protocol that allows its users to store avatars & profile images for use across different devices & also to send and receive crypto and NFTs. To sell a .eth domain on the OpenSea marketplace user first have to connect their wallet and register their address at the manager. ens domains then the user can list it on its OpenSea account.

While numerous crypto fans took up creative names for the ENS service. Others have focused on domain flipping. They register ENS domains containing well-known brand names and then demand a high price for that domain so that if that brand wants to enter into web 3.0 he has to pay a demanding value for that.

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Since its start in 2017 record shows that there are almost 1.67 million .eth domains registered by  482,015 people. Almost 155,100 registrations were made recently within one month from July 5 to July 18. According to OpenSea data around 46,200 Ethereum which is $71.6 million in cumulative transaction volume.


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