MarketsADA could be headed to the Moon soon because of an upcoming...

ADA could be headed to the Moon soon because of an upcoming upgrade

ADA upgrades are imminent after a one-month delay Cardano developers initiate the test net for one of Cardano’s biggest upgrades to date what could it mean for ADA. 

Many believe that ADA will go to the moon much sooner because of an upcoming upgrade to Cardano. The vassal hard Fork will significantly increase Cardano’s scalability which has been put under stress by all its Smart Contracts. The vassal hard Fort was initially scheduled for June but was delayed due to the discovery of a handful of minor Bugs. Cardano’s core developers stressed that they wanted to take extra time to review the code because the vassal hard Fork will be one of Cardano’s most complex upgrades to date.

As with Cardano’s previous hard Forks, vassal will begin as a test net that will run for one month to give time for Cardano’s core developers and Cardano projects to discover and fix any additional bugs should they arise. Upgrades could be live on the mainnet as soon as Late July. As it so happens the vassal test net actually began late last night. But be alert it can be a bearish event if any serious issue is discovered.

This was the case after the launch of the Alonso test net in September last year which introduced Cardano’s smart contract functionality. Cardano’s smart contract functionality was initially fairly simple, to put it mildly, and this meant that it was very difficult for decentralized applications to actually Deploy.

The good news is that in this case, the expectations around the vassal hard Fork seem to be a bit Tamer which could potentially make the test net and especially the main net a highly bullish event due to the improved scalability which can take ADA to the moon.

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Still, the sad reality is that we are in a crypto bear market, and with so little attention going to altcoins these days ADA is unlikely to see a meteoric rise anytime soon. In fact coin Telegraph analysts are expecting ADA to drop by another 60 percent later this year this happens to be consistent with when the bottom of the crypto bear market could be.


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